Thursday, October 05, 2006

Boulder Fall Festival

Boulder Fall Festival on Pearl Street Mall was a weekend-long event that gave People's Clinic Outreach incredible exposure. The outreach unit was set up right on Pearl and Broadway, a very high traffic area. We were there for a total of over 20 hours over the weekend. A sign reading "No health insurance? Talk to me." In both English and Spanish encouraged folks to stop by and discuss how People's Clinic delivers primary and preventative care for the uninsured and medically underserved.

On Friday evening we were joined by Nikki Smyrl Gross, the regional outreach coordinator for Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+). CHP+ helps cover children and pregnant women who are not eligible for Medicaid but still have a need for medical coverage. Nikki brought printed information about CHP+ as well as lots of giveaways including water bottles, growth charts, visors, and color changing pencils. She left us the perfect amount of giveaways to last through the weekend. The items were great in drawing folks to the table to chat.

Amy Comer RN, PCA Karen Canales, and Dr. Pamela Guthrie shared their clinical expertise offering free blood pressure checks to the public. The street noise from cars and occasional motorcycles passing by made conditions for blood pressure checks a bit less than optimal. Often it was necessary to wait for the traffic to go by before being able to take a reading. Even so, a total of 48 people had their blood pressure checked over the weekend. Offering this valuable service was one of the most crucial components of the event. As people and their families and friends stopped at the table for a blood pressure check, the opportunity was there to discuss medical coverage and the services the clinic offers. Even if someone did have health insurance and a medical home, they are likely to know someone who doesn't.

We collected at total of $59.55 that day, mostly thanks to Pamela, Amy and Karen. People who had their blood pressure checked were the most compelled to leave a little something in the collection bin. We are also very thankful to the organizers of the Boulder Fall Festival for giving us a wonderful space at the festival at no cost.

We were able to reach so many people without health insurance in need of a medical home. We look forward to serving them here at People's Clinic.


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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to read about the services you are offering to people without health coverage in Boulder County. It's a scandal that there are so many everywhere in the country, and especially in such a rich county as Boulder. I had always had health insurance and then, a few years ago, a couple of bouts with skin cancer left me unable to get any coverage that was even close to affordable. For two years, I had only my bare student coverage while in graduate school. Finally I was able to get some coverage, but with a lifetime exclusion for the skin cancer. During the two years I basically had nothing, I met so many people with no coverage, no options, if anyone in their families became seriously ill. In an amazing number of cases, the amount families were paying for coverage meant that one person was working just to pay the premium. Thank you for what you do -- Rosemary Carstens,